Serves 6



  1. Soak beans in water for 24 hours, then drain well.
  2. Mix all ingredients except salt, cumin, cinnamon, paprika, black pepper, chili, bicarbonate, baking powder.
  3. Grind in a food processor.
  4. Add to the mixture salt, pepper, bicarbonate, baking powder and grind through processor again.
  5. Leave mixture for 30 minutes and then knead.
  6. Divide mixture into balls using hands.
  7. Heat oil in deep pan over high heat and fry till brown.

Serving Suggestions

Serve hot with parsley, tomatoes, fresh mint, spring onions, pickles, and sesame paste.

History of this recipe:

Widely enjoyed in many Middle Eastern countries and now popular in the West too.

Cultural and religious aspects around this recipe

Controversy exists over where Falafel originated from, and a common theory is that the Coptic Christians in Egypt created it as a replacement for meat in Lent.

Significance of special ingredients in this recipe:

Can also be made with chickpeas in place of fava beans, both beans being popular across the Middle East.