Dunedin Abrahamic Interfaith Group and Otago Tertiary Chaplaincy

2008 Annual Peace Lecture

Visions of Hope for a Terrorised Planet

Dr  Kate  Dewes

Dr Kate Dewes

Member of the United Natios Disarmament Advisory Board

Monday 11th August 5.30pm

followed by discussion and vegetarian supper together in foyer concluding around 8pm

St David Lecture Theatre University of Otago

The presentation will explore some positive approaches to disarmament and conflict resolution in Aotearoa-NZ and internationally. Examples will be given of a range of non-violent faith-based actions for change by ordinary individuals throughout the world, interspersed with visionary leadership by decision-makers such as politicians, mayors, diplomats and others. It will also acknowledge the role of women and indigenous peoples in peacemaking.

Further information : Greg Hughson 479 8497 or Dr Najib Lafraie

NZ woman given UN role

By DAN EATON - The Press | Thursday, 10 January 2008

A prominent Christchurch anti-nuclear campaigner appointed as a disarmament adviser to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says she will use the post to raise the profile of Pacific Island issues.

The announcement yesterday that Dr Kate Dewes would join the Advisory Board on Disarmament Matters follows the appointment in 2006 of a New Zealand diplomat as the UN's director of disarmament affairs.

It also comes in the wake of the Government's success late last year in sponsoring a resolution by the world body calling for the de-alerting of all nuclear weapons.

Dewes, 55, is understood to be the first New Zealander to be appointed to the 19- strong UN panel, which includes ambassadors and officials from countries as diverse as China, South Korea and the United States.

Dewes said she was honoured by the appointment and had been informed in a letter from the UN chief just before Christmas.

"It is exciting. It is a real honour and a huge responsibility," she said.